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MedPay Insurance Coverage in Lafayette

MedPay insurance coverage in Lafayette covers medical expenses incurred due to the use or occupancy of an automobile. Regardless of who is at-fault for an accident, MedPay benefits can cover expenses in the same way that health insurance would. Although it is not required under Louisiana law, many residents pay for MedPay to give themselves additional protection in case of a car accident.

If you were hurt in an accident, you could benefit from retaining legal counsel. A lawyer could help facilitate your medical treatment, identify all available insurance coverage, and handle negotiations with adjusters. An experienced auto crash attorney could fight tirelessly for the compensation you deserve.

Benefits of MedPay Coverage

MedPay coverage enables car crash victims to receive medical care that they otherwise may not able to afford. It could work in tandem with the injured person’s health insurance to cover deductibles, copays, and other expenses. These benefits provide Louisiana drivers with an additional source of insurance coverage. While there is no penalty if someone chooses to forgo MedPay, they may have to borrow money if they need extensive medical treatment after a crash. This could raise the total costs of their medical care.

From a legal standpoint, MedPay benefits can have an impact on a car accident claim. For example, if the victim’s insurance company initially pays for their medical care but the accident was someone else’s fault, the insurance company would be entitled to reimbursement. Upon settlement or a verdict, the at-fault driver’s insurance provider would pay the medical expenses back to the victim’s.

Common Misconceptions About MedPay

Many people in Lafayette are afraid to use their MedPay benefits out of fear that a claim will increase their premiums. However, this is specifically disallowed under the law. Under the Louisiana statutes, if someone makes a claim for an accident that was not their fault, it is illegal for the insurance company to increase their premiums. Customers spend good money for MedPay protection, and they should not be afraid to use it after a collision.

How a Lafayette Lawyer Could Help Victims Receive Insurance Coverage

A Lafayette lawyer could help car accident victims understand and take advantage of all available insurance coverage. Many people purchase a highly-recommended car insurance plan that fits their budget without fully examining the coverage it provides. This is understandable, since the full details of a plan can be lengthy and difficult to understand. Some people may have MedPay available without even realizing it.

When a personal injury attorney takes a Lafayette car accident case, they examine the insurance policy to determine what benefits are available. A lawyer could analyze the victim’s own insurance policy, as well as the at-fault driver’s, in an effort to identify all potential sources of compensation. While the victim relaxes and focuses on healing from their injuries, an attorney could handle the details of a case and pursue fair compensation. For a consultation to learn more about how a Lafayette attorney could help in your situation, call today.