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Medical Treatment After a Lafayette Car Accident

Receiving appropriate medical treatment is one of the most important considerations after a Lafayette car accident. While many victims are reluctant to see a doctor due to the expense involved, a successful car crash claim can seek compensation for all medical expenses and more. Fortunately, a motor vehicle collision lawyer could handle the details of a case while victims focus on their health.

Refusing Immediate Medical Attention After a Collision

Many car accident victims fail to realize the full extent of their injuries after a crash. After a collision, the victim’s adrenaline spikes, and their mind is often focused on their immediate needs. How do they take care of transportation needs? What do they do with the vehicle? Are their children safe?

Serious accidents are traumatic experiences, and the state of shock often prevents a victim from realizing they are injured. However, it is important to allow emergency medical personnel to evaluate them and follow recommended treatment plans. Many people find that their injuries and pain do not emerge until the days following the accident.

Importance of Following the Doctor’s Orders

Not following a doctor’s orders after a crash is a mistake because medical providers have expertise that the average person does not. They understand what happens to the human body in a car accident, such as the forces involved and the potential damages they could cause. Even if the victim feels fine, a doctor may be able to identify problems. For example, a disk that is knocked out of place may not cause initial pain. However, as the person goes about their usual activities, that disk could begin working its way more out of line and cause tremendous pain weeks or even months later.

Treatment Gaps

Many car accident victims in Lafayette find it difficult to receive regular medical care. Life does not stop just because someone suffers an injury. Victims may have to take time off work, which means they run out of money. They may have to travel, which means they incur time and additional expenses. Finally, medical treatment is costly, and bills often stack up at a time when someone is unable to work. For this reason, many people decide to work through the pain, leaving gaps in their medical treatment.

Unfortunately, a treatment gap could hurt someone’s legal case because insurance adjusters sometimes take it as an indication that the person is not hurt or that their complaints lack credibility. Although it could make a case more complicated, a treatment gap does not necessarily mean a victim is unable to recover compensation. In Louisiana, there have been several cases stating that a plaintiff should not be punished for gaps in treatment.

Ultimately, a gap in treatment should not hurt a case. Insurance adjusters do not decide the outcome of a car accident claim in Lafayette; juries and judges do.

Consult with a Lafayette Car Accident Attorney

If you were hurt in a motor vehicle collision, you have likely incurred significant expenses. In addition to the medical bills, you may miss time at work or even become permanently disabled. Although no one likes going to the doctor, it is important to prioritize medical treatment. Doctors know best, and working with a medical professional is often the best way to return to your pre-accident condition.

For help facilitating and seeking compensation for the medical treatment you need after your Lafayette car accident, contact an experienced attorney today.