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Lafayette Accidents Involving Bad Weather Lawyer

South Louisiana is subject to an excess of heavy rainfall. Thin sheets of water often cover the roads and cause drivers to lose control very easily. With bad weather-related accidents, it is typically the water being retained on the road that causes a driver to lose control. With the visibility issues, fog and heavy rain also could cause issues that may lead to a crash. Injured individuals may benefit from contacting a Lafayette accidents involving bad weather lawyer. A dedicated car wreck attorney could help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Steps to Take Following an Accident in Poor Weather Conditions

After being involved in a weather-related accident in Lafayette, individuals are advised to call the police and emergency medical services if medical attention is needed. If there is flooding or if it is raining hard, the person should ensure they are safe and their vehicle is not submerged in water. If they believe that is the case, they could try to abandon the vehicle as quickly as possible. The individual should then reach out to a seasoned Lafayette accidents involving bad weather lawyer.

How Can the Weather Conditions Impact Fault?

Poor weather conditions can certainly impact fault in a car accident claim. Most of the time, the cause of the wreck is due to one of the individuals driving too fast. Drivers need to be aware that they should be traveling slower during the rain. Another common cause of a wreck during bad weather conditions is when a driver changes lanes carelessly without using their signals. Following an accident, a dedicated Lafayette car accident involving bad weather attorney could gather evidence to help prove liability.

Lawyers could pull weather data from local news channels or meteorologists to use as evidence in a car accident claim. The accident report could also provide weather condition information. Also, photographs of the scene of the wreck could be used to prove the weather conditions and how it contributed to the accident.

Recoverable Damages

Individuals injured in a car accident due to bad weather conditions could be eligible for both general and specific damages. A car crash could leave a driver with numerous injuries, which could range from minor to catastrophic. General damages could include damages for loss of consortium and pain and suffering. Specific damages include medical bills and lost wages. A seasoned lawyer has experience calculating damages for injured victims.

How to Avoid Bad Weather Accidents

When someone is driving in poor weather conditions, their vehicle could skid or their tires may slip. Also, the driver could have visibility issues if there is heavy rain. Drivers should be extra cautious when driving during bad weather and they should also look to see if their vehicle is working properly. This could include checking:

  • Windshield wiper blades
  • Defrost
  • Low and high beams
  • Fog lights

How Lafayette Accidents Involving Bad Weather Attorney Could Help

A Lafayette accidents involving bad weather lawyer could help a person get their life back on track by setting them up with a doctor to see and treat their injuries. A person’s injury attorney could review the incident and build an injury case to demonstrate how weather caused the crash, help get their vehicle repaired, and set up a claim with their insurance company or the insurance of the at-fault driver. Contact a seasoned attorney to learn more about how a lawyer could help you recover.