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Lafayette Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses in Lafayette provide an economical and efficient way for many people to travel. Buses are a popular means of transportation, whether they are city buses or charter buses. Sadly, due to their size and weight, they are susceptible to accidents that could severely injure the passengers as well as others. In either case, injured individuals may have the right to seek compensation for their injuries.

A Lafayette bus accident lawyer could help people who were injured in a bus accident understand their rights under the law. An attorney could investigate the facts that led to the incident, identify the proper defendant, and present your case to the appropriate parties. Contact a well-practiced personal injury lawyer for help seeking a fair compensation for your situation.

Legal Duty of Buses

Buses have the same legal obligations as all other vehicles on the road and have a duty to protect all other people they may encounter when driving. This could include other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. If an individual is injured in a collision with a bus and could prove that the bus driver breached this duty and caused them to suffer an injury, they may be able to demand compensation. A Lafayette bus accident attorney could represent those who are injured due to the actions of a bus driver, regardless of the circumstances of their situation.

Choosing the Proper Defendant

In some injury cases, the defendant may be easy to identify. In a car accident case, the driver of the at-fault vehicle may usually be the defendant. The claim may move through an insurance company, but the driver is still the named defendant. However, bus accident cases could get more complicated.

Plaintiffs in these cases may need to identify the operating agency that owns the bus. This may determine the defendant in the claim and the rules that govern the case. If the bus is run by a private company, the case may be fairly simple. The driver is an employee of that company and the company generally shares liability for all injuries caused by any of its employees. Plaintiffs in these cases may be likely to deal with a private insurance company in their settlement negotiations and lawsuits.

Things might become more complicated when the bus is operated by a city or parish. Traditionally, government agencies and their employees were exempt from personal injury lawsuits by the legal doctrine of sovereign immunity. However, in the interest of fairness, most government entities now follow laws allowing aggrieved citizens to file lawsuits.

Specifically, Louisiana passed the Louisiana Governmental Claims Act, which allows any injured person in Lafayette to file a lawsuit claiming that the government or one of its employees was responsible for their injuries. This type of claim is similar to a lawsuit against a private company but contains key differences in venue choice, recovery limits, and rights to jury trials. A Lafayette bus accident lawyer could help individuals to identify the proper defendant and hold them accountable in their case.

How a Lafayette Bus Accident Attorney Could Help

Buses are large, unwieldy vehicles that are prone to accidents. These accidents could have devastating consequences for drivers of smaller cars, and when they do, these drivers might have the right to sue the bus company for damages. In addition, the passengers on the bus may also be protected under Louisiana law. If the bus driver is at fault, they may be responsible for all the people they injured.

Since bus accidents could be some of the most complex personal injury cases, a claimant may need to hire a Lafayette bus accident lawyer to help them sort through the legal issues that govern bus accident personal injury cases. Depending on who owns the bus, the procedure and court processes might change dramatically. Attorneys are dedicated to pursuing a fair compensation on your behalf, so call today to learn more about your legal rights.