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Lafayette Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A number of bike lanes and shared roadways have been introduced recently and these present challenges as well as opportunities as bicyclists and motorists attempt to coexist safely. A cyclist who gets hit by an automobile or a commercial truck is likely to suffer serious and possibly fatal injuries because of the minimal protection that a bicycle offers. The medical expenses involved can be astronomically high and it is possible that the victim is unable to resume work or even enjoy their daily life for a long time.

A judicious Lafayette bicycle injury lawyer can assist you in reaching a fair settlement or verdict to compensate for your damages if you are the victim of this type of an accident. A compassionate Lafayette lawyer can help you assess fault and determine the right amount of compensation for your injuries.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents?

Investigating the accident thoroughly and determining all the parties who could be at fault is the first step in the process of claiming compensation for a bicycle accident. In many bike wrecks, the fault may be glaringly evident, and it comes down to a negligent driver. However, there may be quite a few other factors, including other parties involved who also may be accountable.

It is also vital to remember that not wearing a helmet or any other risky behavior may raise the biker’s level of negligence but it does not mean that they will be prevented from seeking compensation from those who actually caused the accident. There are several examples of accidents that may be the fault of others on the road.

Bike-Lane Crashes

Quite often, motorists do not respect bike lanes and can cause accidents. Whenever a driver fails to notice a bike lane and drifts across the lines, they put bikers at risk. However, debris left on the road after roadwork or an 18-wheeler not noticing someone on a bike can also cause these types of accidents.

Intersection Collisions

The most common reason for bike accidents in a crosswalk or intersection is distracted or drunk driving. However, there are instances where a construction crew or a government agency is responsible for causing such an accident due to a poorly designed intersection or a malfunctioning traffic light.

Dooring Accidents

It is a clear case of negligence if a car owner opened their door into the path of a biker. However, it is also possible that the driver was distracted by a passenger or a property owner left some kind of obstruction that hindered the driver’s view, resulting in a dooring incident.

Claiming Damages for a Lafayette Bike Wreck

The compensation will usually come from the insurance of the motorist who hit the bicyclist because Louisiana is a fault state for car insurance. However, this does not simplify matters. In an attempt to protect their interests, insurers will often try to shift fault onto the victims and offer meager settlements.

An experienced Lafayette bicycle accident attorney can prevent this from happening by building a strong case and directly negotiating with the insurer. If there is clear evidence to support the bicyclist’s claim, there may be a substantial out-of-court settlement offer. A large number of such cases are settled through negotiations.

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For a cyclist, it is a difficult road to recovery after an accident with an automobile. It will have an impact not just on your mental and physical well-being, but also on your financial condition.

A reputable Lafayette bike accident attorney can fight on your behalf to get you the rightful compensation. Call today to learn more about how an adept attorney can help you.