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Iberia Parish Commercial Fishing Injury Lawyer

Although the commercial fishing industry in Iberia Parish is profitable, working in it can be extremely dangerous. Fishing industry workers are significantly more likely to suffer injuries and fatalities than workers in other professions, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When the owner of a fishing vessel fails to take proper precautions, and a worker suffers a serious injury while on board, then the accident victim might be able to file a lawsuit against his or her employer or the owner of the vessel.

If you suffered a penetrating wound, broken bones, or some other injury while working on a commercial fishing vessel, you could be eligible for compensation. An experienced Iberia Parish commercial fishing injury lawyer could review what happened and pursue the compensation you need for your injuries. Reach out to a dedicated maritime injury attorney today.

Duties of Care

Commercial fishing companies and boat owners have a responsibility to take certain measures to ensure the safety of their workers. Those duties include all of the following:

  • Ensuring that all indoor and outdoor surfaces, including boat decks, are free of debris, rainwater, and other slippery substances
  • Ensuring that all emergency equipment, such as life vests, ropes, radios, and emergency signal devices are in proper working order at all times
  • Ensuring that employees are properly trained in commercial fishing operations, rather than hiring inexperienced workers
  • Ensuring that all fishing equipment, such as nets, lines, heavy pots, and cargo, are maintained properly at all times
  • Ensuring that employees do not overwork themselves and make careless mistakes as a result of fatigue

Commercial fishing injury victims often do not know where to turn after an accident. An Iberia Parish commercial finishing injury attorney could help these workers take legal action and pursue financial recovery for their bodily injuries.

Negligence in the Commercial Fishing Industry

Owners of vessels used for commercial fishing operations owe their employees a duty of care. Specifically, they must address known dangerous conditions on the vessel and be sure to maintain all machinery and equipment. When owners or employers fall short of this duty and accidents occur, they could be held responsible for any resulting injuries.

When commercial fishermen in New Parish suffer injuries on the job, they might be eligible to assert a claim for damages against their employer or the owner of the commercial fishing vessel. Compensable damages might include compensation for medical expenses, loss of earnings, loss of earning capacity, inconvenience, pain and suffering, and mental distress.

An Iberia Parish commercial fishing injury lawyer could analyze the facts of an accident to identify the responsible parties. An accomplished lawyer could then gather the evidence needed to pursue a claim for compensation.

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Commercial fishing accidents can result in incapacitating injuries, leaving workers unemployed for weeks or even months at a time. If you sustained a serious injury while working for a commercial fishing operation, you should consider retaining an attorney who has experience litigating maritime accident cases and obtaining compensation for victims.

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