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Iberia Parish Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are arguably the most beloved and popular pet in America, but some owners forget that they can also be dangerous. In Louisiana, a dog owner is liable for the injuries their pet causes.

The owner is expected to take reasonable care to keep their dog from injuring others. This could be done by building a fence, leashing the dog, obtaining training, or not taking the dog out in public.

If an owner fails to do so and the dog bites or otherwise injures someone, a skilled Iberia Parish dog bite lawyer could represent the victim in obtaining compensation for their injuries and damages. If you were attacked by a dog, reach out to a seasoned attorney today to discuss your legal options.

Dog Bites Specifically Addressed in Louisiana Law

Dog bites or other injuries caused by dogs are specifically addressed by the law in most states. Louisiana is unique in that successful dog bite claims must prove the negligence of the dog’s owner, similar to other personal injury cases. Residents of Iberia Parish and New Iberia are beholden to Louisiana Civil Code Article 2321, which addresses not only dog bites but also other injuries caused by dogs.

Liability of Dog Owners

Under this law, dog owners are liable for any damages their pet causes with the stipulation that they knew or should have known that their dog would cause harm. If the owner could have prevented injury and harm by exercising reasonable care, and the dog was not provoked to bite or cause injury, the owner could be found liable for the victim’s damages.

For example, suppose that an individual is at a dog park and is suddenly attacked by another dog there. The victim and their Iberia Parish dog bite attorney could argue that the dog’s owner was negligent for not leashing the dog or for even bringing it to the park to begin with.

Filing Deadlines

Healing from a dog bite injury can potentially take months or even years. Victims should focus on recovering from their wounds, but they also need to understand that lawsuits are subject to strict filing deadlines.

If plaintiffs do not comply with the deadline for filing their case, they may lose the right to seek compensation. Under Louisiana Civil Code §3492, dog bite victims have one year from the date of their injury to file a claim against the dog’s owner. Hiring an experienced dog bite lawyer in Iberia Parish could help potential plaintiffs file their cases before the prescriptive period expires.

Compassionate Help from an Iberia Parish Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites often cause severe physical and emotional pain that can last a lifetime. Fear of dogs, fear of being outside, scarring, and disfigurement are just a few of the lasting damages from being bitten by a dog. A compassionate Iberia Parish dog bite lawyer could assist you in recovering monetary compensation for these damages and more.

Even though you may be feeling physical and emotional pain and confusion, calling a lawyer to help you can be a positive step forward. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.