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Iberia Parish Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis is one of the most devastating injuries someone can suffer. The effects ripple out not only onto the victim’s life but also the life of family members. Many victims struggle for years to regain some functioning, and others are permanently impaired. If an accident caused you or someone you love to become paralyzed, you should consider discussing your legal options with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney.

If another person or company’s negligence led to your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation under the law. Call an Iberia Parish paralysis injury lawyer today to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Requirements for a Paralysis Lawsuit

If another person’s negligence leads to an injury, that person must repair any damage they caused. To determine if a person acted negligently, the court considers if the actor owed a duty of care to the victim, if the actor breached that duty, and if that breach caused the victim’s injury.

For example, a doctor may be considered negligent if they failed to act in the manner other reasonable doctors would, and their behavior caused a victim to become paralyzed. Likewise, a motorist may be negligent if their distracted driving led to a victim’s injuries.

Statute of Limitations

Injury victims have a one-year statute of limitations, or prescription, from the date of the injury in which to file a lawsuit. If the injured person was a victim of a violent crime, the deadline extends to two years. Depending on the situation, other time limits exceptions may apply. To find out the specific deadlines that apply to their case, victims should contact an Iberia Parish paralysis injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Recoverable Damages for Iberia Parish Paralysis Injuries

An injury victim is entitled to compensation, or damages, for the losses they suffered. Common damages awarded in paralysis injury cases include:

  • Loss of consortium, service, and society
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Therapy and rehabilitation

Some of these damages are easier to calculate than others, and an Iberia Parish paralysis injury attorney may call upon experts to help assess a fair value. For example, quantifying a victim’s lost wages can require a complex analysis of their past salary, future earning potential, and capacity for alternative work.

Additionally, the family members of the victim may be able to recover compensation in some cases. For example, a spouse may lose the victim’s help around the house and other important aspects of the relationship.

Learn More from an Iberia Parish Paralysis Injury Attorney

If you became paralyzed in an accident, you may be unsure where to turn. Victims are often left with thousands in medical expenses at a time when they can no longer earn an income. Uncertainty about how to pay bills or provide for your family may add financial stress to an already difficult time.

Fortunately, an Iberia Parish paralysis injury lawyer may be able to help you recover fair compensation for all of your losses. A personal injury attorney could provide sound legal advice and strong advocacy at every step of the case process. Call today to discuss your legal options.