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Iberia Parish Car Accident Lawyer

An automobile accident could be a life-changing event. A crash may affect your body in both minor and severe ways, and may also take a toll on your wallet. However, an accomplished Iberia Parish car accident lawyer could help you recover damages.

If you were involved in a car collision, you should not have to face the aftermath alone. An experienced personal injury attorney could help you hold those responsible for your injuries accountable and seek fair financial compensation from them.

Automobile Accident Statistics and Causes

Given the nearly 2.9 million licensed car drivers in the state, accidents are not an uncommon event in Louisiana. While most accidents do not result in a fatality, there are an untold amount of injuries and property damage that occur as a result of preventable automobile wrecks.

There are many causes of car accidents, a few of which are notably pervasive. The most common causes of a car crash in Iberia Parish and New Iberia may include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Distraction, especially due to cell phones
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Driver error
  • Mechanical failure
  • Weather conditions
  • Fatigue

The reasons for automobile wrecks vary case by case. A seasoned New Iberia car wreck attorney could provide more information about car collisions.

Potential Consequences of a Car Collison

While fatalities typically remain relatively low, car accidents may result in a variety of injuries that could have life-altering consequences. Examples of potential injuries include broken bones, paralysis, internal bleeding, disfigurement, and many others.

Damage to personal property, cost of medical bills, past and future wages, pain and suffering, and other consequences may add to the financial burden for those involved in a car crash. No matter the cause of a wreck, an Iberia Parish car accident lawyer could help throughout the aftermath by cataloging all damages and crafting a comprehensive settlement demand or civil court case.

Filing a Damages Claim in New Iberia

The state of Louisiana adheres to a prescriptive period for filing personal injury claims, which sets a time limit of one year following the event, as stated by the Louisiana Civil Code §3492. It is essential to file a personal injury or property damages claim in a timely fashion in order to maximize the odds of a positive outcome. A knowledgeable car accident attorney in New Iberia could provide assistance and guidance through the legal process. This could include ensuring all the necessary deadlines are met.

How an Iberia Parish Car Accident Attorney Could Help

While accidents may happen in the blink of an eye, the effects they have on a person have long-term—and potentially have fatal—consequences. With the physical and psychological effects, car accidents may also cause significant—and expensive—damage to your property.

A tenacious attorney could guide you through the legal process following an accident and help you pursue a beneficial outcome to your case. If you or a loved one were involved in a car crash and suffered an injury caused by the negligent actions of another, call today to speak to a compassionate Iberia Parish car accident lawyer about your legal options.