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Victoza Lawyer

Victoza is an injectable, non-insulin medication used by people with type 2 diabetes. This drug is designed to provide additional aid to people attempting to control their blood sugar and A1C levels. If taken on a daily basis, the drug’s manufacturer promises both diabetes control and even a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular failure.

Unfortunately, these great benefits can come at a terrible cost. Information published on the drug’s own website acknowledges that use of Victoza has been demonstrated to cause thyroid tumors and cancers in laboratory mice and has also been linked to thyroid cancer in humans. This is to say nothing of the more common side effects that can exacerbate a patient’s kidney problems or cause a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Any time you are injured because of the side effect of a drug, you have the right to seek compensation for their damages. A Victoza lawyer could help you hold negligent pharmaceutical companies responsible for their actions in civil court.

Potential Victoza Side Effects

The potentially life-altering side effects that can result from Victoza use are well-documented. The most concerning of these is the increased rate of thyroid cancer in Victoza patients.

In 2014, the FDA approved the use of Victoza despite links to increased rates of pancreatitis and thyroid cancer. The rate of pancreatitis in people using Victoza was four times the rate of that in people using other similar medications.

On top of these serious side effects, there are a myriad of other potential complications connected with this drug. Other noted side effects from taking Victoza include:

  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Anxiety, depression, or mood changes
  • Confusion or drowsiness
  • Fast heartbeat

While these conditions may not cause a serious injury on their own, they can place a person into an altered mental state that may contribute to an injury. Anyone who suffered any side effect from Victoza that resulted in an injury may want to contact a Victoza lawyer to see what options they may have available to them.

Legal Options for Injured Victoza Users

To collect any sort of compensation from a drug manufacturer such as the makers of Victoza, civil plaintiffs must be able to prove that the drug maker hid the potential dangers from taking the drug. Accordingly, many plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against the makers of Victoza alleging that they hid the potentially deadly thyroid and pancreas side effects that could result from taking the drug.

In essence, these cases argue that the drug maker was negligent or intentionally deceptive in not fully informing their users about the risks associated with taking the drug. Plaintiffs in these cases must prove that the drug maker knew of the side effects, did not warn people before taking the drug, and advertised the drug as safe in order to receive financial recovery.

Additionally, these cases must be filed in court quickly after people are injured. A Victoza attorney could work with people to ensure that their case is filed correctly and on time.

Get Dedicated Assistance from a Victoza Lawyer Today

Being diagnosed with a disease such as type 2 diabetes is difficult enough on its own, and people often take any chance they can find to manage the symptoms and get their lives back on track. This can often include taking drugs such as Victoza designed to control their blood sugar.

Unfortunately, people are often tricked into taking these drugs by pharmaceutical companies that do not properly inform the public about the risks involved. These risks can include side effects that involve serious diseases of the thyroid and pancreas. Oftentimes, these side effects are actually more serious than the underlying disease the drug is intended to treat.

If you contract any of these side effects after taking Victoza, you may be able to win compensation for any associated injuries and losses. A Victoza lawyer could help you evaluate your case from a legal perspective and pursue at-fault drug companies in court. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.