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Uloric Lawyer

Gout is a buildup of uric acid in the joints that can result in severe pain and limited mobility, especially for senior citizens. When Takeda Pharmaceutical released Uloric in 2009, it was believed that a safe and effective gout treatment finally became available.

However, in 2019, the FDA issued a statement requiring Uloric packaging to warn of a significant risk of cardiovascular events associated with the drug. The FDA also recommended that doctors not prescribe the drug unless other gout treatments have been ineffective.

If you have suffered harm from taking this drug, an Uloric lawyer could help you build a claim to recover damages. Once retained, a dedicated dangerous drugs attorney could take the necessary steps to increase your chance of a successful claim against a negligent drug maker.

Proving Liability of Drug Manufacturers

Every maker of a consumer product has a legal duty to keep their customers safe. Among other methods, this is often accomplished by issuing a comprehensive warning of a product’s potential side effects on its packaging. In certain circumstances, however, plaintiffs may argue that there was a lack of warning about the dangers of a substance, making the manufacturer liable for harm caused by their failure to warn.

Manufacturers could also be found responsible should it be discovered they intentionally concealed information about the product. Specifically, if Takeda Pharmaceuticals knew that Uloric posed a risk to the cardiovascular health of patients but did not disclose this information to the FDA, they could be held liable. An attorney could work to gather evidence that links a victim’s losses to taking Uloric.

Pursuing a Claim as a Mass Tort

Because so many people have suffered harm at the hands of Takeda, they may be able to take advantage of a legal concept called a mass tort. A mass tort allows people with similar claims against a common defendant to combine their efforts in seeking compensation.

Within a mass tort, plaintiffs can share evidence, expert reports, and depositions. However, they still must pursue their claims on an individual basis, and the results at trial or settlement are bound to their individual cases.

To qualify as a mass tort, plaintiffs must apply for certification under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23. This requires plaintiffs to demonstrate that they share a common defendant, that joining their claims traditionally would be prohibitive, and that the facts of their claims are substantially similar. A Uloric lawyer could determine if this is the best route to recovery for a particular plaintiff.

Contact a Uloric Attorney Immediately

Uloric has been connected to increased risk of cardiovascular ailments. Takeda Pharmaceuticals may have ignored FDA regulations concerning the disclosure of known dangers associated with a drug and could be held liable for their negligence.

If you are a consumer of Uloric and have experienced cardiovascular problems due to the drug, an Uloric lawyer could investigate the facts of your case and help demand compensation for your injuries. Call an attorney today to discuss your legal options.