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Onglyza Lawyer

Type 2 diabetes is not an easy thing to live with. For many people, changes in diet and exercise are not enough to keep their blood sugar levels under control. For people who are still struggling to maintain a healthy balance, there are a variety of prescription medications that may be able to help.

One of these medications is Onglyza. Onglyza works by lowering a person’s blood sugar to help them maintain a healthy A1C level. However, as with any prescription medication, there are risks to taking this drug. The drug’s own literature states that taking Onglyza can lead to significant, life-threatening side effects, including heart failure and pancreatitis.

If a person suffers any adverse side effects after taking Onglyza, they may want to consult with an Onglyza lawyer about their legal options. Your attorney could work to examine your complications and identify any potential link to your taking of Onglyza. If they find any, they could then help you file a lawsuit in civil courts to demand compensation.

Uses and Potential Side Effects of Onglyza

Onglyza is a highly specialized medication used to control blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. As with any prescription medication, it can only be used with a doctor’s permission. According to AstraZeneca’s website, the drug works by enhancing the ability of the pancreas to create insulin. This helps prevent blood sugar fluctuation upon waking up and after meals.

AstraZeneca lists a collection of potential side effects for Onglyza. These range from minor reactions such as headaches and urinary tract infections, to more severe complications including skin infections, joint pain, swelling in the hands and feet, heart failure, pancreatitis, and even death.

While it is commendable that AstraZeneca is forthright about some of the risks of taking Onglyza, they may have understated the cardiovascular risks linked to the use of the drug. The FDA has recently recommended that AstraZeneca include stronger language concerning the potentially fatal heart complications that can follow Onglyza use. In fact, plaintiffs in New Jersey recently filed a lawsuit alleging that AstraZeneca ignored FDA guidance to further investigate the link between Onglyza use and heart disease.

Possible Legal Remedies

All people and corporations are responsible for their own actions. This principle applies especially to drug companies who place a product on the market that they know to be dangerous.

While AstraZeneca has taken steps to inform potential Onglyza patients of some of the risks associated with the drug, it is possible that they have hidden the full extent of their research into the potentially deadly effect that this drug can have on patients. Even when used correctly, Onglyza can cause life-threatening complications.

Whenever a person suffers any type of injury due to the actions of another, they have the right to seek compensation. This can range from the payment of medical bills and rehabilitation treatment to lost earning power, to emotional compensation in the case of a wrongful death. An Onglyza lawyer could help people understand their legal rights and assert them effectively in court.

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Millions of Americans take prescription drugs every day with the understanding that they can provide life-saving relief despite the potential for side effects. However, when a pharmaceutical company is not honest about the potential side effects of their drug, they can be held civilly responsible for their actions if a person becomes ill or dies as a result.

An Onglyza lawyer could help patients and their families hold AstraZeneca legally liable for any injuries caused by Onglyza by working to examine relevant medical records, consult with medical experts, and pursue cases in civil courts. Call today to schedule a consultation and start exploring your legal options.