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Invokana Lawyer

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that affects millions of Americans in Massachusetts and around the country. In addition to a change of diet and increased exercise, many physicians prescribe their patients a SGLT2 inhibitor designed to bring their blood sugar under control.

One of the most commonly utilized drugs for this purpose is Invokana, created by Janssen Pharmaceuticals as a way for patients to control their A1C levels. However, with this new apparent breakthrough in diabetes management came many side effects.

While many of these side effects were minor inconveniences, Janssen Pharmaceuticals did not fully disclose all the potential problems that can come to people taking Invokana. These problems can lead to significant injuries or even death.

An Invokana lawyer could help you and your loved ones evaluate your health after taking Invokana. In doing so, they could work to examine the health effects of the drug on your body and determine if Janssen Pharmaceuticals is legally liable for any resulting injuries.

What to Expect When Taking Invokana

There are many alleged benefits to taking Invokana. Invokana’s website states that the drug is a once-a-day pill that promises to lower a person’s A1C levels to under seven percent. In addition, people may also experience a lowering of their blood pressure and even lose weight. Along with these promises, the company states that the most common side effects are yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

Unfortunately, these are not the only potential hazards from taking Invokana. In 2017, the federal government issued a black box warning advising patients that taking Invokana can increase the chances of needing an amputation of feet or toes. Even worse, the drug has been linked to significant kidney failures, cardiovascular problems, and diabetic ketoacidosis. Invokana’s makers did not initially acknowledged any of these side effects.

Legal Rights of Invokana Patients

People who have suffered a severe side effect after taking Invokana do not have to accept their fate. Even if a doctor prescribed this medication after fully informing a patient of the potential listed side effects, the more severe injuries that can result from taking Invokana could still be the source of a lawsuit.

These lawsuits allege that Invokana’s makers knew of the potentially deadly side effects of the drug and did not properly inform the public. This makes Janssen Pharmaceuticals complicit in, or at the very least negligent and legally responsible for any injuries. Anyone who has suffered kidney failure, cardiovascular injuries, or have had a toe or foot amputated after taking Invokana should contact an Invokana lawyer immediately who could help them preserve their rights.

Get Assistance from a Dedicated Invokana Attorney

It can be an intimidating prospect to sue a pharmaceutical company. These are multinational corporations with large legal departments dedicated to protecting their profits. The truth of the matter, though, is that these large companies have a legal and social responsibility to protect people who use their product. If a person becomes injured due to a hazard that a drug maker failed to disclose, that drug maker carries legal liability.

An Invokana lawyer could help you stand up to drug companies and pursue a civil lawsuit for compensation. Thousands of people have been injured by Invokana, and all of them have the right to pursue damages for their injuries. Time is of the essence, so contact an Invokana lawyer today to get started on your case.