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Defective Drugs Lawyer

Modern medicine has made great strides in both preventing disease and curing those already afflicted. To accomplish this, medications that range in function from pain relief to the maintenance of vital organs permeate medical science.

Unfortunately, these benefits often come at a cost. Aside from the expected and documented side effects that these drugs can often inflict upon their users, manufacturer errors can also bring great harm to patients. This can result in failure to obtain necessary relief to further injury, or in severe cases even death.

Drug makers, just like any other company, are legally liable for the safety of their products. Therefore, any time you suffer an injury due to a defective drug, you have the right to seek compensation. A defective drugs lawyer could help you evaluate the effects of your medications and hold negligent drug makers responsible for any injury.

Potential Negative Health Effects of Defective Drugs

Every prescription or over-the-counter drug available around the country must pass stringent tests administered by the FDA. These tests are meant to demonstrate that a drug is safe for human use. This does not mean that the drugs are without side effects, only that the patient can expect an intended result that outweighs any possible adverse effects if the drug is made and used in the proper manner.

However, even if a drug is declared safe for use, the drug company must still manufacture the drug in the correct way. Even over-the-counter drugs rely on strict chemical formulas and sterile factories to ensure accuracy and safety for their users.

Any failure on the part of a drug company to maintain these formulas and safe manufacturing practices can result in a dangerous compound that threatens the health of those who use it. Even a slight change in the chemical formula of a drug may significantly alter its properties, often resulting in the drug not having its intended effect.

The potential outcomes that can result from taking a defective drug are numerous. A defective drugs lawyer could help people determine if their symptoms were the drug maker’s fault and what legal options they have to pursue financial recovery.

Defective Drug Laws

Instances in which a person alleges an injury due to a defective drug are civil cases. In other words, they are a type of tort where a person alleges they suffered a personal injury due to a defect in the drug company’s manufacturing techniques. Whether a person’s case revolves around a mistake in the manufacturing process, a mislabeling of drugs, or even an undisclosed side effect that the manufacturer knew about in advance, the legal concept remains the same.

Plaintiffs in these cases must demonstrate that the drug maker’s error directly caused them harm. In most cases, the drug maker did not intend to cause any harm, but nevertheless, their mistake did lead to an injury. People typically pursue these cases using the legal theory of products liability. This means that the plaintiff must prove specifically that a manufacturing or design error caused their injuries.

Let a Defective Drugs Attorney Help

The effect that a defective drug could have on your health can be catastrophic. Whether you think you are receiving lifesaving medication or are taking an over-the-counter remedy for an illness, you have the right to know what you are putting into your body and seek legal reparations if someone else’s negligence causes harm to it.

A defective drugs lawyer could work with people to hold drug makers responsible for their error and make them legally liable for their mistakes. Your dedicated attorney could fight by your side to gather information, meet filing deadlines, and demand compensation for any physical, emotional, or economic losses. Contact a local lawyer today to discuss your case.