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Why Do Most Car Accidents Happen Near the Home?

Although the precise figures vary from year to year, various studies have revealed that most car accidents happen no more than a few miles from home. For example, in one  particular survey, researchers determined that 77 percent of the collisions they studied occurred within 15 miles of the motorist’s home.

This figure may seem surprising. After all, one might assume that crashes are more likely when drivers are unfamiliar with their surroundings; however, there are actually several reasons why most accidents happen near the home.

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Read on to learn why most car accidents happen near the home:

  1. Driving Distractions When Setting out or Returning

 When you set out for a new location, do you enter the destination in your GPS before leaving the driveway, or do you do so while en route? Inputting information in a navigation system is one of the most common driving distractions, and it often occurs near the home.

People are also likely to text and drive within a few miles of their home. For example, if they are meeting up with friends, they might let them know they’re on the way after getting behind the wheel. Likewise, those who are running late might feel inclined to notify the loved ones who are waiting at home.

  1. Limited Visibility in Driveways

People who live off fairly busy roads should always exercise caution when backing out of their driveway. Of course, even those who live in quieter, suburban neighborhoods should make it a point to double-check their mirrors before pulling out because other vehicles—or pedestrians—can seemingly come out of nowhere. 

  1. Overconfidence When Driving the Same Route 

It is not uncommon for muscle memory to kick in when driving home from work. If you fail to remain alert even when passing familiar scenery, though, an unanticipated hazard can cause a devastating collision.

  1. Convenient Geographical Spread

One of the main reasons most collisions happen near the home is the fact that most trips take place near the home. Unless you live in a fairly remote area, you may never have to drive more than 15 or 20 miles to run errands, go to work, or meet up with friends. When you consider this simple fact, it’s actually not surprising that most car accidents occur within a few miles of the house.

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