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What Is a Case Runner?

Debilitating car accident injuries can be exorbitantly expensive to treat. Unfortunately, not all victims know their rights when it comes to pursuing compensation from the party who caused their injuries. This is where a car accident lawyer can help.

However, the Louisiana State Bar Association has set forth strict regulations regarding the kinds of claims that attorneys can make and the ways in which they can acquire new clients. Although broadcasting a commercial or printing a billboard that details their services is allowed, employing the use of case runners is not.

A case runner is essentially an injury attorney or an individual working on behalf of an injury attorney who reaches out to accident victims directly in order to procure their business. According to DOPPLR, case running is currently illegal in 21 states and Washington, D.C. Although accident victims should take advantage of the tort system by pursuing the compensation they deserve, they should not be coerced into working with a particular auto accident attorney, especially while they are in a vulnerable financial and emotional state.

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Is Case Running Legal in Louisiana?

As of 2010, case running is illegal in the state of Louisiana. The law prohibits individuals from procuring or attempting to procure business for a licensed attorney by means of fraud, deceit, trickery, or misleading statements.

How Do Case Runners Find Accident Victims?

Although “ambulance chasers” is a common colloquialism for case runners, they do not necessarily follow emergency vehicles from accident scenes to hospitals in an attempt to find vulnerable accident victims. Rather, they use more sophisticated tactics to locate potential clients.

For example, they might have informants in hospital staff members, police department employees, or tow truck drivers. These informants may share the accident victim’s personal information without consent, opening him or her up to unsolicited calls from injury attorneys. Case runners may also review police records, which are technically deemed public information, or track police scanners to find new clients.

The attorneys who rely on case runners to find their clients may come off as compassionate and helpful; however, because they are partaking in an illegal act to make initial contact, there is a chance they may fail to follow other required procedures over the course of your case. If you want to hire a car accident lawyer after sustaining serious injuries, it is best to find a credible attorney by doing your own research.

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