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Our Lafayette Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Discusses Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Open Car Doors

Open car doors are one of the many hazards faced by motorcyclists. A collision with a car door or swerving to avoid one can cause a rider to suffer serious and even life altering injuries. Our Lafayette motorcycle accident lawyer is familiar with this type of accident and the injuries it can cause. If you have been hurt in an open car door motorcycle accident, we welcome the opportunity to learn about your case.

Who Is Responsible?

Perhaps the most common cause of open car door accidents is vehicle occupants who fail to look for oncoming traffic before opening the door. The rider is particularly at risk when riding closer to one side of the road before turning. Reduced visibility due to poor weather, improperly or illegally parked cars, and roadway debris that forces the rider to veer closer to parked cars are additional risk factors. Persons who could be liable for the rider’s injuries include:

  • The occupant (driver or passenger) of the car who opened the door without first checking to make sure it was safe to do so.
  • The occupant’s employer if he or she was on company business at the time of the accident.
  • The vehicle owner.
  • The manufacturer of the car or motorcycle if a defective part played a role in the accident.
  • The government entity responsible for the road design or maintenance if design flaws or poor maintenance contributed to the accident.

Typical Injuries

When a vehicle door is swung open, you have only seconds to react. Averting a crash is nearly impossible when someone suddenly opens a car door in your path. You either are flung from your motorcycle or you collide into something else when trying to avoid the door. The resulting injuries may include:

  • Head, brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Lacerations.
  • Friction burns.
  • Limb amputation.
  • Permanent scars.
  • Broken bones.

Serious injuries like these could entitle you to substantial compensation.

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