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Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Cancer Trial Ends with Mistrial

The latest trial assessing claims that Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder causes cancer has ended in mistrial after five days of jury deliberations. The Los Angeles jury was declared deadlocked, or unable to come to a supermajority, by a state judge.

The most recent case, brought to court by a retired computer salesman Kirk Von Salzen, blamed Johnson & Johnson’s baby power for causing him mesothelioma, a type of cancer linked to asbestos exposure. Von Salzen claimed that the baby powder that he used for 30 years was continuously laced with asbestos and sought more than $12 million in damages.

“Johnson & Johnson was callous with safety protocols that led to the allowance of asbestos in their talc products,” said Stuart Purdy, Von Salzen’s lawyer, in an interview. “When someone like Mr. Von Salzen uses it over his lifetime for 30 years on a daily basis, it contributes to his risk of developing cancer.”

Johnson & Johnson currently has over 10,000 claims in U.S. courts alleging that their talcum-based products contain asbestos. A recent case in July awarded $4.69 billion to 20 women in Missouri who alleged that asbestos in their Johnson & Johnson products caused their ovarian cancer.

Purdy claims that Johnson & Johnson knew their talcum products, such as baby powder, might be contaminated with asbestos fibers and purposely hid this information from consumers. He claims that Johnson & Johnson intentionally never reported positive findings of asbestos within their talc with the Food and Drug Administration.

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