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Families of Children Allegedly Exposed to Toxins File Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The families of 20 children filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Denka-Dupont plant in Laplace alleging negligence on the part of the plant that led to serious illness and death. The lawsuit alleges that children in the vicinity of the plant were exposed to chloroprene, which caused serious birth defects, diseases, cancer and even death. Chloroprene, a byproduct of neoprene rubber present at the site, has been deemed a “likely carcinogen” by the EPA.

Along with the plant, the Louisiana Department of Health and Department of Environmental Quality have also been named in the suit as defendants. A report back in 2015 found that the Denka plant was emitting chloroprene into the air. Despite the report, the plant remains operational. Fifth Ward Elementary is one of the closest locations to the operating plant, as children continue to attend the school and play outside as the plant continues to emit chloroprene every day.

Of the twenty families involved in the lawsuit, four of the children died from illness alleged to be caused by chloroprene exposure. Plaintiffs in the wrongful death lawsuit are pursing damages for physical, emotional, and mental suffering caused by the plant’s negligence. Local activists in the community are furious with what they deem an unwillingness by the local school and Department of Health officials to take protective action for their children and grandchildren.

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