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What Are the 3 Most Common Back Injuries in Car Wrecks?

According to a study cited by Men’s Health, about 70 percent of people who visit the emergency department for car accident injuries still feel pain six weeks afterward. The vast majority of these patients report pain in either their neck or back.

If the discomfort is strong enough to keep you from work, the total cost of recovery can add up to a veritable fortune—especially if you need extensive rehabilitation or surgery.

Although no amount of compensation can undo the pain or long-term effects of a back injury, you may be able to restore financial stability by filing a personal injury lawsuit. A Marksville car accident lawyer from Laborde Earles Law Firm can help you navigate the claims process and fight for the highest possible settlement. If your case goes to trial, our attorneys have the litigation experience to find success in court. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 800-522-6733.

Read on to learn about the three most common types of back injuries suffered in car crashes:

  1. Intervertebral Disc Injuries

Your spine was built to withstand sudden impacts such as those felt in car accidents. It is often the case, though, that the force of a collision is so strong that it causes an intervertebral disc to protrude outward. This condition is colloquially known as a “slipped disc.”

Your intervertebral discs absorb the shock of a sudden impact, but if a disc tears (ruptured disc) or protrudes, the resultant pain can be excruciating. You may also notice numbness and weakness throughout your body.

  1. Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)

Spinal cord injuries are not as common as slipped or ruptured discs, but their effects can be life-altering. Your brain sends signals to the rest of your body through your spinal cord, so an SCI can affect numerous systems within your body.

In addition to causing a loss of motor function, an SCI can lead to bowel or bladder incontinence, pressure ulcers, and blood clots. Treatment these ailments can significantly add to the total lifetime cost of a spinal cord injury.

  1. Compression Fractures

A compression fracture is a crack that forms in the vertebrae. If left untreated, it can cause a deformed or collapsed vertebrate, which could permanently alter the shape of the spine.

Common symptoms of a compression fracture include pain, posture changes, and breathing problems. This injury is particularly common among the older population because their bones tend to be more fragile. It is often misdiagnosed as an early sign of aging or arthritis.

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