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Avoyelles Parish Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis injuries can be caused by motor vehicle collisions, violence, workplace injuries, or trips and falls on another’s property. Regardless of the cause, serious neck or back injuries can change a victim’s life forever. Fortunately, when the accident is caused by the negligence or error of another, the victim might be owed compensation for all of their losses.

Louisiana law allows catastrophic injury victims to pursue a case in the civil court system. By hiring an experience Avoyelles Parish paralysis injury lawyer, you may increase your chances of receiving compensation and justice. Contact a dedicated catastrophic injury attorney today.

When Paralysis Injuries Arise from Negligence

The legal concept of negligence is the basis of most personal injury claims. When using negligence to determine liability, an Avoyelles Parish paralysis injury attorney needs to prove the following to a jury:

Duty and Breach of Duty

A breach of a duty of care could include a driver failing to obey a traffic light, a property owner not clearing ice from their walkway, or a doctor not providing medical care that is consistent with industry standards. Breaching a duty of care is serious and poses ethical problems. However, a breach of duty does not solely give grounds for a lawsuit.

Injuries and Damages

An attorney must also establish that the breach of duty in question was the cause of quantifiable damages to the victim. If that breach of duty caused injury to the plaintiff, leading to their damages, the victim may have grounds for a lawsuit. A seasoned paralysis injury lawyer in Avoyelles Parish could provide more information on what might give rise to a negligence-based lawsuit.

Several Liability for Multiple Liable Parties in Avoyelles Parish

Serious accidents often implicate more than one liable person or party. In such cases, the plaintiff’s paralysis injury attorney in Avoyelles Parish could name each liable party as a defendant in the same lawsuit. Potential defendants could be drivers, employers, hospitals, doctors, or property owners.

Under Louisiana Civil Code §2324, when the lawsuit goes before a judge or jury, the degree of liability for each defendant will be determined. It is possible that one defendant may have zero liability, and another could be assigned 100 percent of the blame for causing the accident. The trier of fact must determine how much compensation the plaintiff is entitled to, and each defendant will be liable for paying their proportionate share of damages.

Seek Help from Avoyelles Parish Paralysis Injury Attorney

Plaintiffs who sustain paralysis injuries may need long-term medical care and have a lifetime of physical and emotional difficulties. They may even be completely unable to return to their former occupations or earn a wage at all. Fortunately, the Louisiana legal system offers a means for injury victims to recover compensation for the full extent of their losses.

If you suffered a severe neck or back injury in an accident, consider seeking help from a compassionate Avoyelles Parish paralysis injury lawyer. An experienced attorney may be able to seek fair compensation on your behalf. Call today to discuss your case.