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Avoyelles Parish Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

The term “rear-end collision” may conjure images of a fender bender, but many of these accidents are not so minor. Rear-end collisions are often deadly, with more than 2,000 fatalities resulting from these crashes in 2015 alone. Fortunately, a skilled car wreck attorney might be able to help a victim pursue compensation for his or her injuries and related losses.

If you sustained injuries or other damages in a rear-end collision, you are entitled to file a lawsuit for damages against the person responsible. To get your case started, contact an Avoyelles Parish rear-end car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Presumptions in a Rear-End Collision

Unlike most car accidents, there is a common presumption of liability in rear-end collisions. Many rear-end collisions result from the driver in the rear vehicle failing to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them. In other cases, inattentive drivers cause rear-end crashes when they fail to notice traffic slowing ahead.

In many cases, a jury presumes that the driver of the rear vehicle is at fault. However, there is no hard rule stating that is the case. In fact, it is possible for the driver of the front car in a rear-end collision to establish the other motorist was negligent.

For example, if a driver pulls into a roadway without warning, he or she may be responsible for a resulting rear-end collision. The way in which an Avoyelles Parish rear-end car accident attorney frames an accident to a jury will go a long way in determining which party is at fault.

Damages in a Rear-End Car Accident

If a victim is successful in establishing that the other driver was negligent, the next step is to prove the value of the plaintiff’s damages. A seasoned lawyer could help calculate and recover damages for an injured victim. There are many types of damages available, depending on the severity of the crash. Some damages commonly recovered in a rear-end accident include:

Medical Bills

Medical bills frequently make up the largest portion of an injury claim. Even treatment for minor injuries can be expensive. A plaintiff may recover anything from emergency room bills to the cost of ongoing treatment. If the injuries persist at the time of the filing of the lawsuit, a plaintiff may also seek compensation for future costs.

Lost Wages

In cases of severe injury, a plaintiff could be forced to miss work to heal from his or her injuries. If the injuries impact the plaintiff’s ability to earn a living in the future, compensation for diminished earning capacity could be available.

Property Damage Bills

One frequently-overlooked expense in an injury accident is the cost of property damage. When a driver’s vehicle is damaged in an accident, the cost to repair or replace it can be high.

Pain and Suffering

A plaintiff has the right to seek monetary compensation for the physical pain he or she endured due to the accident. Because these damages lack a set value, it is the job of the jury to determine the value of a plaintiff’s pain.

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To recover any of these damage from the responsible party, it could be helpful to rely on the experience of an Avoyelles Parish rear-end car accident lawyer. To get help with your legal questions, call as soon as possible to schedule your free initial consultation.