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Alexandria Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

While drug advertisements usually suggest that manufacturers adequately test all their drugs prior to release, this may not always be the case. Drug manufacturing is a multi-billion-dollar business, and manufacturers sometimes rush to place a drug on the market in order to realize a quick profit.

Dangerous drugs may be either prescription or over-the-counter and might be dangerous in various ways. An Alexandria dangerous drugs lawyer could help you pursue compensation for any harmful side effects, injuries, and illnesses that result. If you suspect you suffered harm from a prescription or non-prescription drug, contact a skilled personal injury attorney to learn more.

Recalling a Dangerous Drug

All drugs have side effects associated with them. Some side effects could be more serious than others—and more importantly, some side effects may go undisclosed or undiscovered by a drug’s manufacturer until it is too late to prevent someone from getting hurt. In rare circumstances, dangerous drugs may even cause death. Not every patient reacts to a drug in the same way, and some patients may not be able to take certain drugs together.

While the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the drug manufacturer may recall dangerous drugs from the market in certain cases, an Alexandria dangerous drugs lawyer may still be able to file a suit on an injured patient’s behalf if this recall happens too late to prevent damages. Drug recalls are divided into various classifications depending on the seriousness of the risk presented:

  • Class I drug recallsIn order to issue a Class I drug recall, there must be a reasonable probability that using the drug will cause death or other severe health problems
  • Class II drug recalls In order to issue a Class II drug recall, there must be a risk of temporary health consequences associated with using the drug, as well as an unlikely risk of experiencing serious side effects
  • Class III drug recalls In order to issue a Class III drug recall, there must be an unlikely yet possible risk of an adverse reaction upon using or consuming the drug

Negligence on the Part of the Manufacturer

Drug manufacturers have a duty to ensure that they adequately test drugs prior to placing them on the market. They also have a duty to warn potential consumers of dangerous side effects associated with the drug. This may be particularly true about the drugs which the consumer may not ordinarily know.

Past cases have revealed various types of drug company negligence in Alexandria and elsewhere in the United States. Some pharmaceutical companies have urged healthcare providers to prescribe certain medications for non-approved “outside uses.” Others have released drugs on the market which they knew were dangerous or had dangerous side effects.

Dangerous drugs lawyers in Alexandria may be able to help injured parties take legal action against drug manufacturers that engage in such behavior. Plaintiffs may also be able to pursue monetary damages, including compensation for medical bills as well as the pain, suffering, and inconvenience they experience.

Contact an Alexandria Dangerous Drugs Attorney

If you suffered a harmful side effect or medical complication from using a dangerous drug, you may have legal options available to you. An experienced attorney could review the drug’s history, including whether the FDA (or the drug manufacturer) has previously issued a recall, and go over your options for taking legal action.

An Alexandria dangerous drugs lawyer could fight for your right to compensation by working towards a favorable settlement on your behalf or litigating your case through the court system. Call today to set up an initial consultation and get started on your case.