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Alexandria Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries from a motor vehicle crash or another type of accident may change your life forever. In the case of paralysis, it might be impossible for you to complete even the basic tasks necessary for self-care. If the negligent actions of others caused your injuries, contacting an Alexandria paralysis injury lawyer could be useful.

While you may not wish to be focused on finances and legal matters after suffering catastrophic injuries such as paralysis, it may be wise to consult a well-versed injury attorney when planning for your future.

Understanding Paralysis

Paralysis could occur when an injury causes a loss of feeling or sensation in certain areas of the body. This may lead to a loss of function in a muscle or groups of muscles. Spinal cord injuries may lead to paralysis in all limbs and most of the body or may result in paralysis from the waist down. Paralysis could result in permanent incapacitation and make individuals completely unable to care for themselves.

The degree of paralysis arising out of a spinal cord injury often depends on the location of the damage to the spinal cord. Nerves in the upper spinal column control the upper part of the body, whereas nerves in the lower spinal column control the lower part of the body. The location of the damaged nerves typically determines which parts of the body and how much of the body is paralyzed.

Traffic accidents are one of the most common causes of spinal cord injuries and paralysis in the United States. Spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis also may result from a fall, a workplace accident, or recreational activities. Whatever the case may be, persons who were injured due to the negligence of others may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. An Alexandria lawyer could help determine what compensation may be appropriate for paralysis injuries.

Proving Liability in Alexandria Claims

Paralysis injury claims typically arise from negligence. This legal standard requires that claimants provide sufficient evidence to prove that their injuries directly and proximately resulted from the carelessness or negligence of others. If the potentially liable parties failed to live up to the standard of reasonable care required by this situation, they may be responsible for the costs of any resulting injuries.

Proving liability in a negligence case could be crucial for an injured person to get the compensation they need to offset lost income and support their ongoing medical needs. Hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, surgical expenses, and the costs of long-term care or home health care could result in thousands or even millions of dollars over time.

As many injured people are left unable to work in their previous professions, they may lack the income necessary to support themselves or pay their steadily rising medical bills. A plaintiff could seek legal advice from an Alexandria paralysis injury lawyer, following the accident. Louisiana law only gives plaintiffs one year from the date of the accident that resulted in their injuries to file their legal claims.

Consulting an Alexandria Paralysis Injury Attorney

The aftermath of an accident that results in paralysis or other catastrophic injuries could be dire. Your whole life may be turned upside down and you may be facing limitations that you never even had considered before. The opportunity to obtain compensation for your losses with the assistance of an Alexandria paralysis injury lawyer may be invaluable.

An experienced lawyer may be able to examine every detail of the circumstances that led to your paralysis and determine whether you are eligible for any form of relief. Call today for help determining your next steps.