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Alexandria Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns may result from motor vehicle accidents, fires, or chemical explosions that might sometimes be the result of the negligence of others. If you sustained serious burn injuries due to the careless behavior of another, you may benefit from consulting an Alexandria burn injury lawyer to get legal advice.

A well-practiced catastrophic injury attorney could help you bring burn injury claims for compensation against any individuals or entities whose negligence caused the accident that led to your injuries. Compensation through this type of lawsuit may enable you to get the medical treatment that you need and support yourself during periods in which you are unable to work.

Recovery a Person May be Entitled to

Burn injuries could be severe, debilitating, and require months, if not years, of painful treatment. Skin grafts, reconstructive surgery, and other medical treatments for burns may leave injured persons recovering for a long period of time. In some cases, these injuries may never fully heal and may result in permanent disfigurement and disability, or even death.

When individuals suffer burns over a large part of their body or when burns are so severe that they cause a permanent impairment, they may need to seek compensation from those responsible for their injuries. An experienced Alexandria burn injury lawyer could help determine whether a burn injury claim is compensable.

Under Louisiana Civil Code § 3492, individuals who have suffered burn injuries may file claims for compensation no later than one year following the date of the accident that caused their injuries. Failing to meet this deadline, which is referred to as a prescriptive period, may result in individuals being unable to bring any legal claims against the parties who are responsible for the accident.

Types of Injuries

Doctors typically classify burns as being first through third degree, starting with the most minor and ending with the most severe. Some doctors also look at the depth of the burns and the total covered body area in further categorizing these burns.

Different kinds of burns may result from the various types of accidents that lead to them. A scalding burn might occur if a pot of boiling water on a stove overturns or if a child is immersed in bath water that is too hot. Chemical burns may arise from handling bleach, fertilizer, and drain cleaner.

Other types of burns may include electrical burns, which could result from damaged electric cords and contact with downed power lines. Burns also may originate from contact with sources of heat or flame, such as stoves and fireplaces.

Determining the Value Claims

There are a variety of factors that might impact the value of a burn injury claim. The severity of a burn injury may determine the extent of the necessary treatment and recovery time, which could have a direct effect on the total value of a claim. Other factors that might affect the value of a burn injury claim for compensation may include:

  • Whether the burns caused permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • The level of mental and emotional trauma suffered by injury victims due to the accident
  • Whether the injured party was at fault in any way for the accident that led to their injuries

Louisiana law follows a pure comparative fault system, which allows plaintiffs to seek damages from other responsible parties, even if they are partially at fault. Claimants, in this case, may only be able to recover damages to the extent that the other parties are liable for the accident. Any award is reduced by the percentage of fault that they have for the accident.

Talking to an Alexandria Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries may be catastrophic in nature, depending on their severity and extent. They could result in permanent impairment and require ongoing medical treatment. If you suffered serious burn injuries in an accident caused by the wrongful actions of another, then an Alexandria burn injury lawyer may help you.

The cost of medical treatment can add up quickly. In some cases, your burn injuries may render you unable to return to your former job or career, leaving you without a source of income. A burn injury attorney can help you seek compensation for these financial losses.