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Alexandria Boat Accident Lawyer

The natural waterways located in and around Alexandria offer breathtaking views and ample opportunities for recreation. Given that there may be a large number of boats and other watercraft in these waterways, the possibility of boating accidents could be ever-present.

Negligent boat operation, intoxicated operation, and in some cases defective products could all lead to boating accidents. In all these scenarios, an Alexandria boat accident lawyer may be able to help you identify a liable party and file suit against them for damages. If you or someone you love sustained injuries while on the water, you could contact an accomplished personal injury attorney to assist you with your case.

Negligence in Boat Accident Cases

Boaters must always operate their watercraft reasonably under the circumstances. When they fail to abide by this standard of care, serious accidents can result.

Negligent boat operation comes in a variety of forms. Some common examples include:

  • Exceeding the posted speed limit for watercrafts
  • Operating the boat or other watercraft in an off-limits area
  • Operating a boat or other watercraft without the necessary registration or boat operator’s license
  • Operating a boat while under the illegal influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to abide by state boating regulations and guidelines

Any of these actions or inactions might result in a serious boating accident. The boat could collide with an object or other watercraft in the water, or it could overturn and cause serious injuries to the watercraft occupants. Regardless of the specific situation, a boat accident attorney in Alexandria may be able to work with an injured party to file suit based on their circumstances and recover compensation.

Boating While Intoxicated

In Alexandria, it is illegal to operate a watercraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is a criminal offense called boating while intoxicated—or BWI for short—and it could subject the offender to serious criminal penalties, depending on whether they have any prior BWI or DUI convictions, as well as their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level at the time of arrest.

Drugged or intoxicated boat operators may also face civil penalties when they choose to operate their watercraft while under the influence. There is no disputing that both drugs and alcohol disrupt the central nervous system’s functioning. A drugged or intoxicated boat operator is likely to cause a serious collision or other accident.

Individuals who sustain injuries on the water at the hands of an intoxicated boat operator may be able to file a claim against the watercraft operator. An Alexandria boat accident lawyer could go into further detail about an individual plaintiff’s options in regard to their boat accident case.

Defective Products

Boat accidents in Alexandria are not always the fault of negligent boat operators. These accidents may occur when boat products and components such as rudders, steering mechanisms, and motors are manufactured or designed improperly.

In cases where a defective boat part or product leads to an accident on the water, the part manufacturer, distributor, or designer may be civilly responsible. As such, the plaintiff and an experienced attorney could file a claim or lawsuit against the appropriate person or entity.

Talk to an Alexandria Boat Accident Attorney About Legal Options

Alexandria boating accidents could lead to a myriad of injuries, including traumatic head injuries, fractures, various spinal cord injuries such as paralysis, permanent disabilities, and soft tissue injuries among others. An injured person may also incur many months of medical treatment, lost wages, pain, suffering, and inconvenience. These damages may be compensable under the law.

If you or someone you care about sustained injuries in a boating accident, you may be able to take legal action and recover monetary compensation. An Alexandria boat accident lawyer could assist you with your case and fight for your right to recovery. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more.